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CleanTex Education

We are very proud to introduce to your our section of education. It is our deeply concern that our clients and friends know a little bit about the techniques and equipment that are being used in the Commercial cleaning industry. Often we will change the subject of the section to try to cover every aspect of our services. This month we will be talking about carpet cleaning. How it is made? Little tips on how to get most out your carpet and MOST important, what is the function of the carpet in your house.
Have you ever wondered how carpet is made? To be sure, carpet isn't the sexiest topic of conversation you'll ever bring up at a party, but it's actually pretty interesting. Consider this cool little factoid: The carpet you currently have in your home may have been boiled in a vat of water at some point. It's one method of dyeing carpet during production.
Don't blame yourself if you don't know much about how carpet is made, even if you're standing or sitting on some right now. Something as pedestrian and prosaic as carpeting is easy to take for granted. We've been decorating our homes with carpet since nomadic Middle Eastern tribes laid it down in their huts 2,500 years ago. Today, more than a billion square feet (nearly 93 million square meters) of carpeting is produced in the United States each year; about 70 percent of that comes from a single town, Dalton, Ga. [source: Torpy, Seacrest]. Carpet may be somewhat easy to overlook, but if you get down close to the stuff, you'll find not all carpet is alike.
You can learn quite a bit about carpet just by running your fingers over it. You'll find whether the pile -- the exposed top part of carpet we usually refer to as "carpet" -- is composed of individual strands (cut pile) or closed loops (tufted). You'll also be able to determine the density, or face weight, of the pile. You may also find that what you thought was a monochromatic carpet is actually the result of an optical illusion where several different dyes combine to create what looks like one color.

Your carpets represent a very significant investment, and keeping them clean and new looking is an important part of enhancing the overall look and appeal of your home. Taking proper care of them is absolutely essential to insuring they will have a long and useful life. Here are some carpet cleaning tips to help you retain the beauty and wear ability of your carpets.
** Clean your carpets regularly
If you let dirt and oily residue collect on your carpet it will attract further dirt, and walking on the dirty areas will break down both the carpet fibers and the carpet base. It is best to frequently vacuum your carpets to remove as much loose dirt as possible -- to get down into the fibers and pull the dirt out before it becomes much more firmly embedded.
** Remove stains as quickly as possible
Stains are caused by oily liquids dropped on the carpet. The liquid residue saturates areas of the fiber and leaves an ugly stain. Or they can result from dirty shoes or boots in high traffic areas. It is important to remove stains as quickly as possible because they become more difficult to remove when they are allowed to dry and harden.

How can I extend the life of my carpet ??
Schedule as soon as you notice that your carpet is becoming soiled. Carpet is designed to hide soil and by the time you notice that they are becoming dirty, they are actually very dirty. Instead of calling cleaners when the carpet is just too bad to tolerate, set up a cleaning schedule. Clean your carpeting at regular intervals between three and six months. Your carpeting will last longer and you will enjoy it more.
We feel that clean carpet isn't just for appearance, it's also for health. That is why the cleaner we use is completely safe and all natural. Most of the solutions commonly used by carpet cleaners depend heavily on dangerous chemicals such as butyl solvents.
Quick Carpet Tips
Extend the life of your carpeting with proper vacuuming. Dirt acts as an abrasive. Every time you walk on it you are wearing your carpet, actually scratching the carpet fibers. Over time this scratching will dull your carpet, creating dark areas that cannot be cleaned away.
Our carpets are cleaner and stay cleaner longer. CleanTex technicians pre-vacuum every carpet. We clean all around the edges. We pre-treat the spots and stains. We clean your carpet with our water based mild cleaning solution.
Our carpet cleaning service professional staff is insured, licensed, and bonded. We thoroughly train and supervise our carpet technicians who use only state-of-art equipment including environmentally friendly supplies.
Listed below are the cleaning methods commonly used in the Carpet Cleaning Industry and an detailed explanation of both the process and your end results.
Hot Water Extraction: Sometimes referred to as “Steam cleaning’’

Using the hot water extraction method, hot liquid is sprayed under pressure into your carpet pile and simultaneously vacuumed back out along with soils. The liquid is usually hot water containing a detergent or cleaning solution.
The professionals at CleanTex Commercial Cleaning can remove the residue and detergent left behind from previous cleanings where another method was used and the detergents were not extracted.
While this type of cleaning can be performed with portable equipment, truck-mounted equipment does a better job on soiled carpets. The truck-mounted equipment allows the technician to heat water from truck-mounted tanks to a high temperature. This solution is then sprayed, and extracted at much higher pressures than is possible with portable equipment.
This truck-mounted high pressure system allows the deep cleaning of fibers in your carpeting.
Some hot water extraction machines enhance the effectiveness of the process by using rotating brushes or other agitation device to work the cleaning solution into the carpet and help loosen soil.
Many truck-mounted units are simply portable units bolted to into a truck and they lack the power need to deeply clean your carpeting. The most effective machines such as the on CleanTex uses are powered by an engine in the truck rather than the customer’s home electrical power.