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Floor Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is a beautiful, long-lasting and durable product that can withstand many years of use... and abuse.   But vinyl flooring is not invulnerable and can be permanently damaged if you don't care for it properly!
Our superior floor care methods including stripping, refinishing and polishing techniques that will give your floors a great professional look.  Grout lines on ceramic tile and marble floors become soiled and very difficult to clean.  Mop and bucket alone do not bring back the original condition of your tile and grout.

CleanTex uses truck-mounted cleaning solutions to loosen stubborn soils and stains from the grout lines, along with agitating equipment and high-pressure hot water to wash, extract, lift and rinse the slurry.

CleanTex proudly maintains the floors of stunning corporate lobbies, high traffic school areas, restaurants, and other businesses, large and small.  Let us do the same for you.